Highlights and Milestones


Jan 2021

Etrion Corporation redeems EUR 40 million of outstanding Corporate Bonds


Oct 2020

Etrion completes the sale of 60 MW Mie solar project

May 2020

Etrion completes the sale of its Chilean solar asset


Dec 2019

Etrion buys out Japanese minority shareholders and optimizes its solar portfolio in Japan

Jul 2019

Etrion issues a green project bond for approximately JPY 16 billion (US$146 million) and commences construction of its 45 MW Niigata Solar Project in Japan


Dec 2018

Listing of EUR 40 million corporate bonds in the Oslo Børs

Jul 2018

Redeemed EUR 40 million of previous Corporate Bonds

Jun 2018

Completed EUR 40 million new Corporate Bonds Issue

May 2018

Fourth solar park in Japan is connected – 13.2 MW Komatsu project


Oct 2017

Repurchased € 6.3MM of Corporate Bond

Jul 2017

Third solar park in Japan is connected - 9.5 MW Misawa project


Dec 2016

Repurchased € 40MM of Corporate Bond

Dec 2016

Sale of 60 MW Italian portfolio, doubling initial investment

Nov 2016

Project financing for ¥ 3.6B completed and construction commences for 13.2 MW Komatsu project

Nov 2016

Connection of Company's largest solar park in Japan - 24.7 MW Shizukuishi project

Jul 2016

Commenced construction of 9.5 MW Misawa project in Northern Japan


Dec 2015

$ 900M in project finance transactions since inception is reached

Dec 2015

Refinance of Italian 54 MW portfolio with a combination of project finance loan and bond

Aug 2015

First solar park in Japan is connected - 9.3 MW Mito project

May 2015

Power Purchase Agreement is signed for 15 years in Chile for PV Salvador project


Nov 2014

70 MW PV Salvador project enters into operations in Chile

Oct 2014

Close senior project debt and commencement of construction of first two projects in Japan - Mito and ShizukuishiClose senior project debt and commencement of construction of first two projects in Japan - Mito and Shizukuishi

Apr 2014

€ 80MM senior secured bond in Norway is issued

Jan 2014

Completion of $ 80MM equity private placement

Jan 2014

Joint venture signed with Hitachi High-Technologies to enter Japan market


Nov 2013

$ 500MM in aggregate project finance transactions is reached

Oct 2013

Company divests remaining non-core oil and gas assets in Venezuela


Oct 2011

Company lists on the OMX Sweden

Apr 2011

First corporate bond in Norway is issued for € 60 MM


Oct 2010

Acquisition from Sun Power of 33 MW portfolio of operating solar assets in Italy

Aug 2010

Completion of C$ 15MM equity private placement

Apr 2010

Acquisition of solar platform and pipeline from Deutsche Bank in Italy for € 10.3MM


Nov 2009

Commencement of partnership with SunPower to build first 3 MW project in Italy

Sep 2009

Etrion is launched as a Renewable Solar company listed on TSX: ETX

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