Financial Calendar

Etrion ’s financial calendar provides an overview of the Company’s interim and annual financial results reporting and annual general meeting.

Etrion normally publishes its interim and annual results around 08:05 AM (CET). The interim and annual consolidated financial statements and management discussion and analysis financial reports will be available at the Company’s website when the results are announced. The Company normally will hold an operations and finance update presentation of the interim and annual results in an open conference call on the same day.

The dates and times are subject to change. Changes are communicated through a press release.

Date2018 Events
Mar 13, 20182017 Year-end Report
May 7, 2018Q1 Financial Report 2018
Jun 12, 20182018 Annual General Meeting, (Toronto)
Aug 8, 2018Q2 Financial Report 2018
Nov 7, 2018Q3 Financial Report 2018
Mar 15, 20192018 Year-end Report

Note: These dates are subject to change

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